About Leg Amputations at Pets4Life Animal Hospital Highland Park, IL

At Pets4Life Animal Hospital in Highland Park, we understand that having your pet’s leg amputated can be a scary thing.  But our experience is that your three-legged pet will adjust quickly and live out their happy lives. Pets have no vanity; they do not care what they look like, only that they are loved. Sometimes people have a harder time adjusting to their pet’s amputation than the pets do as they worry about their well-being. Most pets are up and walking within 12- 24 hours of surgery with little to no assistance.

Reasons for a Pet Leg Amputation

There are several different reasons a pet may need to have a leg amputated, including birth defects, neurologic disease, cancer or trauma in the leg. Generally, amputation offers immediate pain relief, as post surgical pain pales in comparison to the pain of leg cancer or trauma to the leg. And pets of all sizes can recover well and go on to live a happy life after having a leg amputated. If your pet is overweight, weight loss will help reduce the strain on the remaining joints that now support your pet. A trim body condition is healthier for your pet regardless of how many legs they have.

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