Partnering With Vets to Serve Pets


of Highland Park

Partnering With Vets to Serve Pets

Pets4Life is a unique, full-service pet care center serving all of a pet owner’s needs, including a first class veterinary practice, grooming and pet-spa services, vet-recommended health and retail products, and training and other pet education events.

Our Highland Park Center has created an inviting environment where people can bring their pets and family for health care, shopping, learning and a great wash or brush.

Your pets are our first priority and our trusted vets oversee all aspects of your animals care in a one-stop-shop, experiential retail setting.

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Gracie and I have struggled since our favorite groomer and friend closed her doors! We have been to several groomers over the past year, and have not been able to find a spot that was either not a fortune, or where Gracie was comfortable! She is a VERY sociable dog and I did NOT want her crated for hours! She was in love with Kim, the groomer that she had for years, and while nobody can take the place of Kim, this place came very close! Gracie was happy when I picked her up, had an amazing haircut and she was finished in under 2 hours, from start to finish! Pets4life….welcome to Highland Park!!! Nicole was her groomer and Gracie adored her! She looks just as adorable as when I picked her up from Kim, and…she was just as happy! Pets4life….you knocked it out of the park! The shop is at 661 Central Ave in Highland Park and they not only do grooming, but there at 2 wonderful veterinarians on site(1 is the owner!), there will be day care and the merchandise in the shop is amazing!!!!Nicole is the angel who did Gracie’s hair today! Gracie…we finally found our spot!

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